Khanna, is one of the ancient cities located in East Punjab and is a municipal council of the district of Ludhiana. It is popularly known as "The Grain Town" as it is one of the gateways of grain export to the rest of the world and is the largest grain provider and market in the entire Asia. Though it is one of the smallest cities of Punjab, it does have some salient features in its topography and physiography and the climatic conditions of this city is in unison and bears similarity with the climatic conditions and weather of the other cities of North India.

Geography of KhannaTopography of Khanna

The likes of an alluvial plain is a strong characteristics of the city of Khanna and its surroundings. The city does have a central location in the plain region. The geographical co-ordinates of Khanna are 30°- 40’ to 30°-46’ latitude and 76°- 7’ to 76°-18’ longitude.

The city has an average altitude of 833 feet or 254 meters from the average sea level. The erstwhile land of Khanna, was very much feasible for peanut cultivation with sand dunes, however a lot of irrigation and environmental changes have made the land more viable for wheat cultivation.

The climatic conditions bear a strong resemblance with the other cities in the northern part of India. The summers are usually very hot and the winters are very cold. The summers are prevalent during the months of  April to September, with June, July, August till mid September, being the hottest months. The winter is prevalent from the month of November till the month of March.There is onset of Monsoon in September and from mid of September till November, one experiences the transitional weather.

Climatic Conditions of Khanna

Temperature in Khanna

The hottest month is the month of June and this month registers a temperature of around 45 degree Celsius and more and the mean daily temperature is around 27 to 29 degree Celsius. The month of January is the coldest month and the temperature ranges anywhere between 19 degrees Celsius to sub 7 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall in Khanna

Most of the rainfall occurs during the months of July to September and around 70% of the rainfalls are witnessed during the season of Monsoons between the month of July till September. 16% of the rainfalls are witnessed during the months of December till March.The average annual rainfall in the city of Khanna is about 859.4mm.

Khanna Geography

Some of its neighbors are Payal, which is at a distance of 17 kilometres from Khanna, the city of Ludhiana, which is at a distance of around 45 kilometres from Khanna, Sirhind which is at a distance of 16.59 kilometres from Khanna and many others.

Khanna City Center - KHANNA


At present, khanna town has an area of 32 Square Kilo Metre and as per census of 2011, its population is 1,28,130 and at present is near abour1,30000. Geographically is connected to various important cities of Punjab.


Markfed, Civil Hosiptal, Municipal Council, City Center and Grain Market


The city has great political Background. The late Sh. Beant Singh Ji Chief Minister Punjab belongs to this area.Now Sr.Gurkirat Singh Kotli M.La of Khanna Constituency who is the grand son of Sr. Beant Singh. Another important political figure of the town is Sh. Shamsher Singh Dullo who is presently president of the Punjab pardesh Congress Committee and an ex-member of Parliament.Late Sr. Karam Singh Gill Ex Cabinet Minister belongs to Khanna city. Khanna has so many historical and religions places. One such religions place is Gurudwara Manzi Sahib’ which is situated right on G.T Road near to Khanna.